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RARx is proud to participate in CapexMD’s


How the program works

Upon applying, you will receive immediate notification as to the outcome of your application. If approved, and after selecting your best loan option, you will receive Loan Documents, via e-mail, to sign electronically. Thereafter you will receive a Medication Voucher from CapexMD to activate at your RARx pharmacy. Your funds will be disbursed by CapexMD directly to RARx on your behalf.

Why CapexMD/Lending Point?

  1. Secure Online
  2. Affordable Monthly
  3. No Pre-Payment

How to apply?

  1. Click here to apply
  2. Minimum Loan Amount equals $1,500
  3. Maximum Loan Amount equals $10,000
  4. Complete the CapexMD online applicatoin.

How do I access my medications?

  1. Upon completion of your loan, you will be e-mailed a Medication Voucher (as a pdf attachment).
  2. Please instruct your Nurse to ensure that your FSH prescription is for Gonal-F (not Follistim).
  3. Your prescriptions must be e-mailed or faxed to RARx

E-mail address or Fax to 844.319.2260

  1. To activate your Medication Voucher, call 319.2259 and provide your voucher details.
  2. Your medications will be “drop-shipped” overnight to your home address.
  3. After the activation date, you have up to 60 days to acquire your medications, up to the approved amount.
  4. Any unused funds will be refunded to the person designated as the Borrower on the loan.

More information needed?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact CapexMD at 1.888.497.8414.